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The Chamber has several subcommittees responsible to report activities on a monthly basis to the Board of Directors. The Ambassadors are one of these committees.

The mission of the Prairie du Chien Ambassador is to serve as the goodwill arm among the Chamber members and general public to promote awareness. They promote awareness and support for the objectives and programs of the Chamber. Ambassadors serve as official hosts/hostesses as they represent the Chamber at open houses, grand openings, ribbon cuttings, Business After 5s, and participate in parades. The Ambassadors also assist the President/CEO in recruitment and retention of members.

Paul Ginkel Kevin Mulrooney Jamie Stram
Roy C. George Char Bender Bob Sutton
Louanne Davis Tom Nelson John Howe
Bob Standorf Jesse Aspenson Sasha Dull
J.J. Jackson                          Lori Bekkum
Executive Officio Member: Robert Moses, Chamber President/CEO
Executive Officio Member: Dave Hemmer, Mayor